Jamie Wells is a half Vietnamese artist born and raised in Houston, Texas - now based in Southern California. Her work is formed from streams of consciousness as it evolves and flows with emotions and feelings. Her feminine beings are often seen going through trials of tribulations relating to a sense of self, personal growth, standards of beauty, the power of the mind, and questioning our place in this Universe. Her work has appeared in WOWxWOW, Hyaena Gallery, Thumbprint Gallery, DesignerCon, and Monsterpalooza. 


Artist CV


Group Shows

August 2019 - Eterniy’s Engine, WOWxWOW


October 2019 - Here There Be Monsters, Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA


November 2019 - Run Rabbit Run, Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA


January 2020 - Ecstatic Flux, WOWxWOW


February 2020 - Aquarium of Night, WOWxWOW


March 2020 - Ghosts Aflame, WOWxWOW



Prints for sale at the Thumbprint Gallery in San Diego, CA


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